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      Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Philip NeQuent
      Philip NeQuent lies constantly and cheats. We met online and were exclusive talking about marriage, but I caught him having multiple profiles on multiple dating sites, Zoosk, POF, match in the Houston area (uses Fillupn, Chester, alot) and he kept...
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          Yes this is the Same Philip NeQuent that screwed me around as well. He always said he has 1 L in his name because that is how it’s spelled in the Bible. He is a smoozer and will win your heart over. Then when he has you, BEWARE. He cheated on me over and over again. We were exclusive and in Love I thought. He treated me well, but then he had several other women on the side that I didn’t know about doing the exact same thing too. He had multiple profiles on multiple dating sites at the same time and always said he called and he has no idea why his profile is still up. I always believed him until I came back early from a trip and ran into him with another girl. She said she was engaged to him, while we had been dating exclusive for over 1 year. What a jerk. I feel sorry for his 3 kids. Maggie Nequent to have a jerky father like that. He has something weird going on with her because he always wants her to sleep in his bed when she stay the night and he has 2 beds in the bedroom. She is always saying, “I want to sleep in the other bed” and not with you. It’s strange if you ask me. But He is always drunk, an alcoholic and sooooo narcissistic. Philip has an extreme temper and will get physical with you over time. Watch out for him. His 2 boys Eric Nequent and Cody Nequent in Cypress, Texas have a weird band Talk in Theory and in to heavy Grunge, dark, screaming stuff. I think they are taking out their aggression towards their dad. So sad. Philip is a lab manager at DDS Associates Houston / Heartland Dental. This is the kind of employee they hire. Philip is the best at making teeth he says, but who wants someone like this in your office.


            PHILIP A. NEQUENT, HOUSTON, TX, LEADS DOUBLE LIVES. (51 yrs old) Attached is a picture that he took of himself naked in the shower (we cropped out his private parts). This was taken in the shower where he lived with his fiance’ in Houston. He was engaged and didn’t send his fiance’ this picture, but instead, He sent it to a lot of women he was cheating on her with, that she didn't know about. Philip was cheating on her for the whole 2 years they were together & engaged. She found out there were numerous women he slept with while they were engaged and did not use a condom with any of them, and in fact was engaged to other women as well in different cities and states. HE LEADS MULTIPLE DOUBLE LIVES.

            Aside from the NUDE SELFIE, Philip took close up pictures of his private parts and a video of himself jerking off that he sent out to several women as well while he was engaged. He is a sex addict and very insecure with his manhood being small, that's why he needs the constant attention from other women, sleeping around a lot and sending out Nude photo's and video's of his manhood to many women;
            Google his name Philip NeQuent with one L (he says there is one L in his name because that is how it is spelled in the Bible. Philip tries to act like he is religious but is the biggest PATHOLOGICAL LIAR and CHEATER you will ever meet. He will put his hand on the BIBLE and swear he is not cheating. But now he has been caught. He is a lot like Jared the Subway guy, only not as bad, where he can fool anyone and is the biggest manipulator. Everyone likes him and thinks he is this good guy, but in reality he has this deep dark demon inside and has his work fooled at DDS Associates Houston.

            His 3 kids do not want anything to do with him. His daughter Maggie Nequent 13 yrs old keeps telling him that she doesn’t want to sleep in his same bed with him. Philip even told another women (one he was cheating on as well, he was accusing her of sleeping with her young son’s friends). That is sick. If Philip is accusing someone else of doing it, he must be doing something fishy or CPS wouldn’t be on his case. Philip will call his daughter Maggie NeQuent pathetic because she's more immature than other girls her age and ignore her phone calls often. He is constantly saying negative things about his 2 boys, Cody Nequent 17, Eric Nequent 19 are too spoiled by their mom and will never amount to anything. They have this screaming band called “Talk in theory”. They must letting out their frustrations and Anger about their dad with all the screaming.

            Philip doesn't really care for his kids. He pretends to so it will make him look good. He will drop his 13 yr old daughter off at a friends or cousins house and forget about her on March 22, 2015 & like he has done time after time. She will call for hours wondering when he will pick her up, but usually he is out drinking and will pick her up late when everything closes. He does this a lot. Or he will take her to a sports bar for lunch for hours so he can watch the game and drink beer while she sits there playing on her phone for hours. He will drive in the middle of the night often, like he did on july 5, 2015, with Maggie in the car while he was completely drunk after drinking all day. She's lucky she made it home alive, but he does this alot. We have story after story about how terrible he is to his kids. He won't spend any money on them, but will spend every penny on a first date and all of his women so he will get sex, never uses a condom, & will put his dirty manhood in anyone because he's a sex addict, and never spends that kind of money on his kids. Philip says his ex wife's dad is rich so he can pay for all his kids stuff if they need anything. Philip spends every dime and lives paycheck to paycheck and owns nothing. Thank God these kids have an awesome mother, Sharon NeQuent.

            Philip takes advantage of his work. He is the Dental Lab Manager DDS Associates, Houston. Philip will use their equipment without the Dentists knowing and do side jobs for other dentists while on the clock at DDS Associates. Plus he uses the left over metal and makes rings for your hand and sells them for profit. Philip completely has the Dentist's eating out of his hand. He says he can do anything he wants because he's so good at his job that the Dentist's (Dr. Jorge Quirch, Dr. Ronada Davis, Dr. Dana Hailat, Dr. Gregory Condrey) can't do without him and he's got them wrapped around his finger. Philip says Dr. Quirch will always take up for him because he makes him too much money, so he can do anything he wants. All the Dentist's know about Philip's double life, the abuse, etc.. but Dr. Quirch says the dentist's do not care what Philip does in his personal life. While he is at work during working hours, he has his laptop open, searching & chatting with women on the dating sites all day long.

            Philip is a severe alcoholic. He will drive drunk all the time, and even pull over at a gas station to buy beer with his 13 yr old daughter in the back seat and drink in the car while driving March 22, 2015 & like he does a lot. He even fooled the police and totaled his truck when he ran into another car April 2015, only he told the cops he fell asleep, when he was so wasted and drunk. He mixes it a lot with steroids & drugs, so it’s lethal when he mixes them. But since he’s being watched by CPS, he will probably be on good behavior for awhile and should be drug tested on a weekly bases for the next few years.

            Philip is the biggest cheater you will know. He had numerous profiles under different names on numerous dating sites to get women while he was engaged. He was active on them the entire time using, Philipn, Chester, etc.. He's laying low at the moment since CPS is after him. Many of the women believed they were exclusive with him. He will seek them out on facebook. Philip pretends he doesn’t use FB, but he chats in the private messages seeking out women. Philip will always lie and tell you that it's Johnny his co worker that's online all day during working hours, when it is really Philip.

            Philip’s brother slept with Philip’s first wife when he was 22, and Philip never got over it, so he takes it out on women. That’s why he cheated on his second wife Sharon, but she was pregnant and decided to stay with him. Philip is not capable of being faithful. He is dishonest to the core. He will tell women he wants to be exclusive with them so that the women will be exclusive, while Philip is off pursuing and sleeping with multiple other women.

            Philip is physically abusive with women. He beat his fiance more than once (when she confronted him about his cheating, you can see the pic’s on the internet) in 2014, on March 27, 2015 in the Bellaire Apt., and on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015 on Norwegian Cruise. We know she deeply loved him, that’s why she stayed). He even went so low as to tell his fiance’ that his work DDS Associates, Houston was sending him to mandatory treatment for his abuse on her and for his alcoholism. He said the Regional director came to meet with all the dentists, that Philip cried and dropped to his knees begging to save his job, but one dentist Dr. Jorge Quirch saved his job by telling the Regional Director how good of a worker. Philip said they were forcing him to go to headquarters for 5 to 7 days over the holiday.

            Philip texted his fiance on the way to airport, once he got there, etc.. and went on and on about how there were 8 guys from all over the USA in the class and each was assigned a counselor that wanted to meet the wives and girlfriends in a few weeks to see how the progress was going. He came back all tan and said that they worked so hard, he got half a day off and fell asleep by the pool and on Sunday, they got to go fishing as a reward for all the difficulty they had to endure during the treatment.

            They were all lies. Then as it turns out, this whole story was fabricated by Philip. The regional director never came to office, etc.. None of it. He flew to Daytona instead to be with another girl. Whom she thought they were exclusive and going to get married in a year. So as it turns out, he happened to be engaged to a few women at the same time, while constantly sleeping around with other women. In fact August 2014 when Philip and his main fiance were booking the wedding venue and making wedding arrangements, he was sleeping with the same woman he went to see in Daytona, in Houston. Another weekend in Aug., Philip said his daughter was there watching a movie while he was painting a horse picture, but it turns out another woman was there with him. Then in October 2014, not only was he sleeping again with the woman from Daytona, but on another day, Philip said he went to a Halloween party with his co worker johnny but instead went as “Dr. Feel (Phil) Good with another woman Tamara & slept with her. There are just so many women, the list goes on and on about all of his cheating.

            Even at his nephew's funeral, he would not let his fiance sit with the he & his family and made her sit on the last row, because he said it was only the family in the 3 rows (when in fact it was everyone, girlfriends, etc..), but as it turns out, he did that so the other women he was dating wouldn't see that he was with anyone. There were so many women Philip cheated with and slept with, you need more than 2 hands to count them. Philip told his brother & other men that he loves all the attention he gets from women so he's not going to stop. So he will continue to lie, be exclusive with multiple women & do what he's doing until we stop men like this from leading double lives

            Philip owns NOTHING. He lives in an apartment in Bellaire (Houston). All of his nice clothes and furniture are from his women. He prefers and seeks out women with big breasts with lots of money. He opened multiple bank accounts all over Houston to withdraw cash so there's no record of when he takes women out because he always pays cash.

            Philip does not care about other peoples feelings or what he has done to them. He will ruin women’s lives and take what he can from them and keep jumping to woman to woman. He will use his twin sister with down syndrome as a scapegoat to get people to feel sorry for him. He will tell you he is the only one in his family that cares for her, but it's not true. He lies so much he is starting to believe his own lies. This is a very sick man.

            He is often found at Champs sports bar (Houston Texans)in uptown park, Frequents Baker St. pub, Little Woodrows in Rice Village. Sonoma Wine Bar, Brooklyn Athletic club, Shakespeare Pub, The Big Easy, Pinetrees on some Sunday’s in Port Arthur, Mudpugs Club on some Fri. nights & Madison's Beaumont. He is from Port Arthur, TX where his brothers, sisters, & realtives still live.

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            Corrina Shannon Williams Miller decided after having her second child with her husband and returning from maternity leave, that she needed my husband to take care of her physical needs, NO STRINGS ATTACHED! She flattered my husband, who at the time...
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              Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Amanda Sexson Williams Bossier City, Louisiana
              My husband and I own a small painting and remodeling company and as the office manager I get various calls regularly from homeowners looking for work to be done to their home. On one particular day, I get a phone call from this woman who was very...
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                Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Chelsea Warren in Michigan
                For a few months there everything was different with my husband and I. I knew something wasn’t right and I knew where we were headed.. I knew he was cheating just by my gut. He would take a lot longer to run to the store. Going to “pump gas” took...
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                  Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Stephanie Burritt in Essex, Vermont
                  Stephanie started working with my now ex husband. He and I recently seperated because of other issues and she knew this. All I wanted from him was to figure out what he wanted. She flirted and sent pictures to him on his phone. When I questioned him...
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                    Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Samara Stewart in Sarasota, Florida
                    I discovered my wife of 14 years has been having 3 affairs behind my back for over the past year. I found out by reading the text messages on her phone. I also found xrated pics and videos of herself she had been sending to Lance Rawson. After...
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                      Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Beth Wood — Franklin, New Hampshire
                      My name is Melynda. I had been with my boyfriend, Will since 2011. We were in love and happy. We have a beautiful, sweet baby Leo together. A week before our third anniversary I got a bad feeling. Will had taken my car to go to work (he is a team...
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                        Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Stephen Timpe
                        Stephen Timpe is on Dating website telling women he has great investments. Stephen Timpe will try to sweep you of your feet with fancy talk. He is smooth ladies, so you need to be careful. Then Stephen hits you up to borrow money, with the...
                        • Exposing Cheaters
                          Ladies, Phillip Dolberry of Phoenix Arizona is a registered Sex Offender. Yes Convicted in 1992 for Indecent Liberties with Children Sexual Motivation. Please do not date this man, or let you children around Phillip Dolberry. This guy is a creep....
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                            Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Holly Adrion of Scottsdale Arizona
                            Guys if your out at the bars and your looking for a someone to give it up, you hit gold with Holly Adrion. Holly Adion is a cheater and a big time liar. All you have to do is buy this woman some drinks, and give her the attention and your so in....
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                              Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Malek Chaieb Sheyla Oliver
                              Malek Chaieb Sheyla Oliver is a liar and a cheater. Here is her facebook page
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                                Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Jennifer Hopkins Arizona
                                I can’t pinpoint the time this affair with Jennifer Hopkins and my husband started BUT I can tell I the approximate date it got physical. She was his drug dealer and friend from college. I guess she did art on the side as well as marrying...
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                                  Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Anna Weitz Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
                                  The affair began in April, 2014 and lasted until July. This is not your typical homewrecking s***! No this s*** was persistent in her efforts to win. I doubt this was ever even about my husband, but rather the confidence boost, which she clearly...
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                                    Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Nikki Smith Pennsylvania
                                    First, let me preface by saying I am not one of those women who solely blames the homewrecker while the husband is innocent. HELL NO!! I blame my husband for his careless actions, lying, and turning our 10 year marriage into a loveless, cold...
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                                      Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Filippo Travisany
                                      Filippo Salvatore Travisany2/13/77 Motive – I wish someone had been honest w/me in past relationship (and told me when they knew my ex-husband was cheating) and in this relationship w/Pippo’s cheating. Even when I asked him on phone...
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                                        Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post John Kaunas
                                        John Kaunas is a liar, and a cheater. I dated him for over 5 years. The only truth he every told me was his name and profession, and I am sure that was only due to his ego. There were several posts on here but it seems that they were archived. He...
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                                          Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post John M Edwards Madison, Indiana
                                          I just wanted to inform everyone about this “man”, so that it may spare someone the horrible heartbreak that I had, and that they don’t waste their time and effort. John and I started dating in June of 2012. We met through a...
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                                            Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Ysela Rivera San Antonio, Texas
                                            The home wreckers name is Ysela Rivera. I found out about my ex husbands affair with this trash about 6 months ago. I’m happy to say that our divorce has been finalized. My pathetic ex let trash end a 10 year marriage. My ex met this...
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                                              Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Lauren Amber Aguirre Lincolnton, North Carolina
                                              My story is unbelievable. Before I met my husband, I was a tenure-track professor at a university in Michigan, living in a gorgeous loft-style apartment overlooking the Grand River. I was doing really well for myself. Then I went to a conference in...
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                                                Exposing Cheaters published a cheater report post Mackenzie Michelle Hamilton Ellensburg, Washington
                                                Mackenzie Hamilton is a foul mouthed tattooed alcoholic (removed) dropout and a former teaching assistant of my soon to be ex-husband college professor. It all started when Mackenzie started coming on to my husband after hours at the university. She...

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